Photo by F.E.Castleberry for Street Etiquette's The Black Ivy Blog

An Interview with MYSELF…

Photo by F.E.Castleberry for Street Etiquette's The Black Ivy Blog

THE MASH UP: The Simple Dressing Female with an Addiction for Styling Men

My Passion: Knowing a man looks good and feels great! I walk into department stores, bypass the women’s section and head straight for the men’s section. I pick out tie and shirt combinations that are risque for the white shirt only man. Sometimes I even help the lady who is clearly shopping for her beau find a “better” combination than the one she has in her hand.

I know… someone thought “that’s presumptuous, you don’t even know him or her for that matter.” Maybe I don’t know him but I can spot a sister who clearly is stumped on what to buy for her mister. And I do ask some questions about what kind of guy he is. Is he a ‘pink is for women only’ guy? Is his favorite, everyday shoe Birkenstocks? Does he like patterned ties or solids? I even gauge her tastes… Which of my shirt-tie combinations do you like?

I’ll bypass the women’s section 8 times out of 10 (i’ll never pass up the home decor section because this sister loves a cozy, well decorated home). Most people are shocked when they hear that I want to own a full service barbershop with a styling facility. But the truth is I GET IT FROM MY BROTHER, VEGAS ( For over 2 decades, I’ve been watching him create options, upon options for himself when it comes to dressing. Then I watch my friends who would do more with fashion voice if they could get beyond the feeling that “men just don’t have as many options as women.”

To the brother that wears only cargo pants, a v-neck white T, a tattered baseball cap, and flip flops ALL THE TIME and IS COMFY IN HIS SKIN…. I say MORE POWER TO YOU! I LOVE IT!!!

But my inner FASHIONISTA kicks in for my brothers that do that- not for the love- but for the inability to see options. WHY?

Because ultimately my passion is not for a well-dressed man. My passion is for a man that has found his fashion identity and WEARS IT WELL (whatever it is).




2 thoughts on “An Interview with MYSELF…

  1. Ha! You’re a crazy sista; and of course I mean that with love. Next time you’re in DC I’ll put your FASHIONISTA skills to the test with a trip to the local menswear merchant. Keep flowing!

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