Is my personal trainer Jesus Christ?

THE MASH UP: The God-given gift of my personal trainer that helped me understand what really happened to ME when I fell in Love with Jesus Christ.

Jesus and Gwen are the connectors between the things I am supposed to do and the things I want to do.

I HATED WORKING OUT –  all kinds of it!!!!!!!!!! The thought of going to the gym with all those machines … ugh. I was athletic in high school and college so it was deceptive for most people because I still sported the residual athletic body.

I first met Gwen because she participated in one of my community educational events- My Hair, My Health! Go figure! But months later she invited me to her  boot camp in the Culver City park… and i’ve been hooked ever since! I look forward to working out. I even added two more days of hard-core personal training IN THE GYM! Gwen always says, “you will stay wherever you connect.”

But what the HELL does that have to do with my relationship with Jesus? (Can I say hell and Jesus in the same line? Of  course don’t be so doctinaire— not sexy) Well, just like working out, doing the things Christians are supposed to do were less than exciting. Growing up in the church and towing the line because that’s what my parent’s lifestyle required was a chore! But one day I met Jesus and we connected!!!! This whole “living a Christian life” doesnt feel like a job. Jesus like Gwen makes the thing that I’m supposed to do, the very same thing that I want to do.

Gwen is so dynamic at being a trainer that working out with her changed my heart towards working out! Now I do it because I love it. Jesus is so dynamic at being GOD that studying the Bible, praying, showing love, giving is not just something that I ought to do but something that I absolutely LOVE!

To add icing to the cake, when I work out I get to do it with a wonderful person. When I walk the narrow Christian road that’s the very place that I encounter my wonderful Savior!

So is Gwen Jesus Christ? NO! But when we live our purpose in life, we can have a Christlike affect on others!

See you at the meeting (of the minds)!




2 thoughts on “Is my personal trainer Jesus Christ?

  1. You are speaking to my heart! See, I’ve know Jesus Christ all my life, but felt I just met him last fall and I was like “where have you been all my life!!!” And he was like, right there…and I looked back on my life and I was like “of course!! there you are…in all these moments!” But, I had thought Christianity was just about “towing the line” as you put it, only to find out that living a Christian life does not have to feel like a punishment, but rather a joy. Well said Sherrie. Your words inspire me!

    1. MUCHURA! I’m glad that we are both LIBERATED from religion and found Relationship with Jesus! We have to talk more about what that means for you these days. I was shocked when simple things like working out could shed such light on my Christianity :-O.

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