It’s not just in the alphabet that EXes are followed by WHYs.

THE MASH UP: What the Alphabet Teaches Me about Relationships – “ABCDEFG… Ex! Why??? Zzzz.”

When I was a child I sang the alphabet (and I was a ham about it too- I’m sure). I don’t actually remember singing it but if I grew at all into my childhood personality I definitely wasnt shy about letters, words, or the theatrics. But little did I know that I’d go from XYZ to Ex! WHY Zzzz.

In terms of Exes and relationships of old, no matter how the ending, I always ask myself, “WHY? and What was my contribution to this not working out?” NO MATTER WHAT THE ENDING! I’m learning that even if it is one action that breaks the proverbial camel’s back and that action was NOT my fault I still ask how did I get here.

Too often I see folks break up with an Ex and never stop to assess before moving right on to the next soon to be Ex. Then dozens of interactions later and a longer laundry list of failed relationships they complain that they keep dating these deadend people… uhh duhhh! Evaluations are good… Don’t OVER THINK it or Beat yourself up. I just like to ask, “why didn’t this work?” We evaluate programs, systems, work performances so there has to be some value in taking a second to evaluate matters of the heart… or some other body part.

As for the final letter in our alphabet lesson (Zzzz)… it’s there to remind me when I’ve evaluated it for just long enough to find a lesson in it – PUT IT TO BED!!!

Are there any other lessons you think we can learn from the alphabet ?



3 thoughts on “It’s not just in the alphabet that EXes are followed by WHYs.

  1. I actually think people’s minds think up the most interesting things but we don’t allow ourselves to say them. Really? using the alphabet and then playing on Ex Why Zzzz… Yes, I’m bigging up myself – but also other people too ( I guess just another one of those interesting things)

  2. Try A B C

    Sort of like doing research…on self then on the new connection. Is there a rush? Would you buy a financial instrument in one or two quick jumps? Think of sorting iteratively through a few dozen introductory topics. Keep open the possibilities of different relationships…professional, employment, business, social, romance, holiday cards….short term or long….for oneself or for existing connections. Savor the aromas. Revel in the anticipation. Marvel at one’s own growing skills in discernment.

    class of 1968

    1. ABC for ALWAYS BEGIN CAUTIOUSLY!!!! “Me” likes, Tim. We have officially provided the bookends for my blog followers- any takers on the middle??! Maybe that is best navigated individually.

      Thanks my fellow, BANTAM
      Class of 2004 (just missed you)

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