Part 1: I am Eve but I have no Apple for you…

THE MASH-UP: The standard that I hold for my boyfriend/husband is a direct correlation to the God I see in both he and I.

So those who know me know that I NEVER— and I do mean NEVER- talk about my relationships publicly. Very few people are privy to my relationship status, which means it has never appeared on Facebook. LOL. However, I am in a relationship now (gasp – chest tightens, tummy butterflies, and thoughts go wild). This is the second iteration of this relationship and I joke with him that we are both the 2.0 improved versions of our previous selves.

I really do think this man is wonderful. Even more than that we both are at a place where we can see the potential – not just in the relationship but in each other as individuals. I am a woman of God whose standards for life are set by GOD- whoa!!!! That means any boo – including the current king man – has to commit to not only God’s standard for the relationship but also HIMSELF & Family.

The challenge: LIVING UP TO GOD’S STANDARD CAN FEEL LIKE A LOT – dare I say too much – but oh how the ROI (return on investment) is the HIGHEST. I find myself reminding myself – PROVE GOD! Demonstrate that God delivers the highest returns when we choose God FIRST!

The question is: Will “boo” choose to pay the high cost to invest here or will he choose elsewhere with a slight lesser cost to enter the market? 

(p.s. I’m not currently in danger of choosing ANYTHING over God. I will shed many tears and be crestfallen for a bit if he chooses to walk – after all I am in love (shhhh) – BUT GOD FIRST!)


(untitled poem)

My standards are set by that which is pure and incorruptible.
Yes, you have a lot to live up to –
AND you have a lot to expect!
Self-contained standards, Self-centered standards
Dilute and pollute our expectations.
If I seek to love you by the limitations of my own knowledge,
then you will never be loved to your design – as you deserve.
If “I” were the highest letter in the alphabet
Where would “YOU” be?
I vow never to dethrone you.
Never to lower the standard and praise you for mediocrity;
Never to say, “I love you,” then flower you with flattery.
Never raising your right hand as a “master of minimalism;”
Never applauding you for good – when you chose to stop short of great.
I will warn you of your worst enemy:
She is a Chameleon,
mimicking the incorruptible,
Feeding you an apple in her own ignorance.
She ACCEPTS less from you because—
But my standards are set by that which is pure and incorruptible.
Yes, you have a lot to live up to –
AND you have a lot to expect!

Rie Gordon (c) 2006


2 thoughts on “Part 1: I am Eve but I have no Apple for you…

  1. Congrats on 2.0! Many more women should embraced the idea that they should inspire men to ascend the mountain for the treasure; instead they succumb to the pressure of the “clock” and sadly decend the mountain. Truly enjoy your writings!

    1. Hey Rick! I’m so honored that you read and enjoy my stuff. I never know who reads (but you read and comment, which is huge for a blogger). Staying “on the mountain top,” as you so eloquently call it, is HARD. I’ve descended a time or 80 before… 🙂

      Thankfully that God tug inside me keeps me unsatisfied down there and uncomfortable watching my brothers (and sisters) there. So I come back up. Sherrie 2.0 can’t make it a quarter of the way down before the air down there starts making me ill 😉 so now I stay closer to top (God’s standard).

      Be well, friend!

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