Part 2: How do YOU spell LOVE?

THE MASH-UP: The key to GIVING LOVE is understanding how THE RECIPIENT SPELLS it.

Here’s the deal: We don’t all receive love the same way? Nor do we interpret Love the same? We have a saying in Jamaica that says, “what is a joke for you, is death for me?” If you want to hear it in a Jamaican accent call “1800- Call PAUL” – inside joke :). Oh wait, this is a public forum – that’s like whispering in a group – my apologies I was raised better – I think. Basically, what it means is that we see things differently.
So how do you spell love? Chose a word that captures love for you and when I ask, “how do you spell LOVE” – spell that word. Here’s my poetic expression of my single word spelling/definition of love:



I lost the spelling bee.
They asked me to spell it.
In their ignorance they had eyes and could read – but could not see.
“Miss Gordon, spell ‘love’ please.”
And I answered, “G-O-D”
– Rie Gordon (c) 2006

2 thoughts on “Part 2: How do YOU spell LOVE?

  1. I love these conversations on love and relationships… if I poetically attributed my own spelling/ interpretation of love, it would read ” – – – ” simply because for me, its a feeling in my soul that best captures love for me and it transcends any verbalized expression. Sometimes thats the challenge, how do I articulate this feeling? How do you verbalize what is soul felt? If i try hard enough, and i MUST do the assignment, i would spell love as “U-S” as in an intimate partnership of me, him and GOD.

    1. Hey Tiffany!
      I smiled as I read your comment (thanks for commenting). All I could think was how much I recognized the indescribable. That lead me to think that maybe, just maybe, love recognizes itself in others because even though we find it hard to verbalize others certainly see it. I don’t know friend…. *shrugs*

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