Indebted with No Option to Repay


THE MASH-UP: Is the psychological phrase “I don’t like owing people” having an affect on our ability to accept GOD’s gift of salvation?

We’ve all heard that phrase! However, if by some reason you’ve never encountered anyone that used that phrase, here’s one sure place you’ll find it… Find an impoverished neighborhood. If you happen to find a black mother struggling but striving, she’ll probably be using the phrase as she digs through her purse to find the last bit of change to pay the old lady that’s been looking after her children but who keeps trying to telling her she doesn’t have to pay her. In that moment digging in her purse, I am pretty confident you’ll hear her say, “I don’t like owing people.”

If you said to yourself, “there are other places to hear that phrase,” don’t get your nickers in a bunch I know that! Just sharing ONE place.

But to the point of this blog…
According to the Christian faith, salvation – the result of redeeming a person’s soul back to God- is a gift fully paid for by Jesus. Yet I still hear people trying to PAY GOD BACK. Not going to work… humans had a debt, Jesus paid it, and no matter how much we try, we can’t pay it back.

“Salvation is free for me but I give to the poor doesn’t that count?
Salvation is free for me but I tithe and go to church regularly doesn’t that count?
Salvation is free but I … doesn’t that count?”

The question in my mind is COUNT FOR WHAT?  God covered our tab. It’s not a pay day loan that we have to pay back with quadruple the interest. Either we accept it as a gift to us or we leave the gift on the preverbial table. 

Some stuff we just do not get to pay back because we can’t. JUST ACCEPT IT GENUINELY!

BTW, if we cannot accept God’s free expression of Love towards us, can we accept it from others? Or will we also try to “pay back” others expressions of love? I don’t like owing people either yet im not trying to keep tabs on God or love!



3 thoughts on “Indebted with No Option to Repay

    1. Hi Friend!
      Are you saying I don’t get an “A” for simplicity? Or are you saying you’re not totally in agreement? Either way… I LOVE THAT FOLKS ARE READING AND COMMENTING!

  1. Nicely put!

    Receiving love is a hard “act” for some people. That difficulty can result from many things but when we learn to love God and ourselves unconditionally, it is sort of a trickle down effect.

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