For $1: I NEVER reblog but if you will, there is only 1 day left to help. This is Sherrie-Ann L. Gordon no spam. I follow this lady’s blog. This may be a scam (but I don’t believe so) but for $1 and a chance to help where it may be legitimate, i’ll take the chance

I am NOT asking you to give. I am sharing the opportunity just in case you are one who would say, “I would have given had I known.”

Lord give me strength to write this in a way that the reader whose eyes are scanning over these words right at this moment will see the heart behind the fingers which writes them and may their own heart love the woman whose story I am about to tell…

This happened to me today. This story I am about to tell you unfolded in my own home not even 4 hours ago.
Here goes:

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