Because of this I don’t take my encounters with people lightly (or too seriously for that matter). Instead, I pay attention to people’s spoken and unspoken communications. I’m an expressions girl. I try my best (but nobody’s perfect) not to discount people, their emotions, or their story……………. and everyone has a story.

This approach makes me, well, rather approachable. So my conversations with ordinary people tend to be EXTRAORDINARY.

Why extraordinary? People are so much more than the stories we tell ourselves before we get a chance to know them. And we all create a story, profile, dewey decimal number in our library of characters “we’ve met before.” I’m not putting a judgement or value on the categories we give others, i’m just acknowledging that we do. Upon talking to people I find they are interested in subjects and experienced in areas that I didn’t predict upon first glance.

In music there’s a thing called a MASH UP (actually, I only ever heard that phrase on GLEE so for all the REAL music scholars out there I apologize if that’s not real music term). Apparently, it’s a blending of two songs that in the end create actually a great new song/creation.

This blog is about creating a MASH UP between people and ideas that upon first glance we might not think are connected……………. but together actually make a reasonable MASH UP!

Ohhhhh wait… I didnt tell you anything about me…..

I’m a taurus (don’t judge me).

I love grooming & styling men.

I am most comfortable around confident people.

I’m a talented visionary and leader (not the best at mundane tasks).

I claim two places as home: Jamaica & Brooklyn.

I’m a 29 (now 32) year old, proud, card carrying member of AARP!!!

Go to www.sherriegordon.com to connect to my other social networks.





3 thoughts on “About

  1. I like the idea of a people “MASH UP.” (I have definitely heard the term, but I don’t think it related to music, so can’t help you there). However, how do you plan to do this? How do other peoples voices and ideas meld into your own thoughts through your blog? Through the comments? I am just curious.

    1. I mean… the blog is one way but mostly I just meet people everyday. I watch people everyday. I’m inspired and disgusted by people everyday… so I’ll just write what comes to mind. Hopefully others will comment on what I write or share their own mash ups and then we “MELD” as you say, right here on “He Said – Rie Said.” I MISS YOU, BUDDY!!!!

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