Part 2: How do YOU spell LOVE?

THE MASH-UP: The key to GIVING LOVE is understanding how THE RECIPIENT SPELLS it.

Here’s the deal: We don’t all receive love the same way? Nor do we interpret Love the same? We have a saying in Jamaica that says, “what is a joke for you, is death for me?” If you want to hear it in a Jamaican accent call “1800- Call PAUL” – inside joke :). Oh wait, this is a public forum – that’s like whispering in a group – my apologies I was raised better – I think. Basically, what it means is that we see things differently.
So how do you spell love? Chose a word that captures love for you and when I ask, “how do you spell LOVE” – spell that word. Here’s my poetic expression of my single word spelling/definition of love:



I lost the spelling bee.
They asked me to spell it.
In their ignorance they had eyes and could read – but could not see.
“Miss Gordon, spell ‘love’ please.”
And I answered, “G-O-D”
– Rie Gordon (c) 2006

What did the Chinese man say to the Jamaican and the Sicilian in the plane exit row?

THE MASH UP: How being comfortable in YOUR OWN SKIN and COMEDY can cause a Chinese, Jamaican, & Sicilian to get along without a DIVERSITY Trainer.

‘So we have to save these people before we save ourselves?” questioned Bob, the Chinese American guy sitting in the aisle seat next to me.

“I guess so,” I replied with an equally puzzled look of “like why would we do that,” then chuckled at this insane start to small talk.

“Well, I’ll save you and you can save me and that should be good enough,” he continued. Continue reading