Is Being OFFENDED is overrated?

The MASH-UP: Being Comfortable Offending Someone AND Self-Liberation/ Expression are directly related.

Is being offended overrated? Is the phrase “I’M SORRY that I offended you” when you actually believe in what you said/did a cop out? YOU TELL ME!


So my friends hear me say this quite a bit… “God Bless You. Good Night.” It’s a spin off Russell Simmons’ closing at Def Poetry “Thank ya’ll for coming out, God bless and good night.” When Russell uses those last for 5 words there is nothing more coming after that- and he walks off the stage.

Well it’s been adapted for use in my own life to be my way of saying, “I don’t know what you are going to do or what you are expecting to hear next but I’ve said my piece and there is no more to come.” If a person doesn’t feel settled, or wants more explanation or an apology or clarification THAT’S FINE and UNDERSTANDABLE. They just won’t be getting it from me… God bless you. Good night.

Personally, I can no longer find the purpose in my life for being OFFENDED. Or for apologizing to someone for being offended by words or actions that I actually stand by, especially knowing that I am neither reckless, nor cavalier with my words.


Check dialogue on Formspring that triggered the questions:

Blog follower #1: When is the right time to tell a guy that you’ve never been in a relationship before? I usually try to hold off on that convo so I dont scare them off…

Blogger: When convo comes up, just tell him you haven’t done it. Don’t confess it like it’s HIV. Just be casual about it.

Blog follower #2: as an HIV positive woman I found your response to that last question (even though the response made no sense to the question) extremely rude, offensive and disrespectful.

Blogger: Let’s not pretend ppl don’t freak out about HIV. It’s unfortunate you were offended, but that admission gives people great pause. You know this. So do I. The response made total sense. You’re offended, I get it. But let’s not go overboard, please.

This blogger perfectly exercised the “God Bless You. Good Night” technique – in what I might add was an intelligent and assured way. AND I LOVED IT!!! NO APOLOGIES just good ol’ fashioned 1-round REASONING and a God Bless You. Good Night!