MASH-UP: Thankful + You = Thankful for You.

I know that no one has to read my blog. No one has to comment. Even my dearest friends and family have tons more critical actions items to do in their day. I never presume that what I write is so earth shattering that it will trump LIFE.

I am humbled that you all read my blog. I am humbled that some have chosen to comment. I am humbled that regardless of the reason you come back (or even stopped by once)… you do! For that and from a spirit of gratitude, I say, “THANK YOU.”

I cannot promise that you will always like my posts, or even understand them for that matter. Instead, I promise that when I do write I will always write from an HONEST place. I won’t waste your time on words for “word count” sake. I promise that what you read will be a body of work for which I -even if only I- am PASSIONATE.

Special thanks to Mom & Dad, who if you NEVER  read my blog or support anything else in life upon which I embark, I thank you for the work you have already put in to make me who I am RIGHT NOW!


BLOG HOST AWARD goes to JayLauren for being the first to start following my blog 1 year and 4 months ago and allowing others to know it’s  cool to join this party!

FIRST RESPONDER AWARD goes to Alexandra for being the first comment made on the blog site!

HEAD OF THE CLASS AWARD goes to Rick Smith for having the most comments and often being the first to respond to a new post!

MOSTLY LIKELY TO START THEIR OWN BLOG AWARD goes to Lorraine for having the most word count of all commentators and providing the most detailed feedback!

GRATITUDE AWARD goes to YOU for being part of this experience in the way that suits you! I am eternally grateful.




Do you know what your “thing” is? What is your Plan A that if you were doing it you would say, “There’s nothing else in the world I’d rather be doing”?


My answer: see my tab marked David Abigail. 🙂