Everything is trying to break us up – the fight of my life!


If you earn, win, get, or have $1,000,000 you are a millionaire! BUT if you buy a $1 bottle of water YOU ARE NOT anymore! UGH. I just came to the realization that everything (hyperbole) is trying to separate me from my MONEY! I’m in the fight of my life to keep my connection (with money) strong.

You’re probably thinking that I’m kidding BUT that’s because YOU probably haven’t thought through how everything around you is always trying to break up YOUR connection with YOUR MONEY!

FAMILY: Can I borrow some money? Let’s plan a family reunion/vacation and we’ll all chip in? Mom/Dad needs medicine or home care.

FRIENDS: Let’s go see a movie, then grab some dinner and drinks.

WORK: Pay for XYZ and then put in for a reimbursement (which if you’re like me – you forget to do).

CHURCH: We’re asking the congregation to chip in for the building fund rally, pastor’s appreciation, the bus trip, and anything else we can ask the same 150 members to support. (note: I didn’t say tithes- that is a DARN good investment of MY money whether to the church or charity).

VERIZON: Phone is free after $50 mail-in rebate (really??? If that wasn’t such a winning scheme for them they’d just give you the $50 rebate at the point-of-sale).

HOLIDAYS: You need candy and jewelry on VALENTINE’s DAY to demonstrate your love. It’s JESUS’ BIRTHDAY so buy gifts for all your family and co-workers. It would not be ST. PATTY’S DAY without dropping loads of cash on green beer and ugly hats.

The WORST culprit of all, I discovered, was SELF, ME, MOI, YO (if you speak spanish or live in CA, TX, AZ). Why? Because where I could see the plot in every other ask the one to myself from myself always sounded LOGICAL in my own mind!

SELF: “I’ve worked hard I deserve to treat myself to this (fill in the blank).” “I don’t feel like cooking, I’m going to eat out.”

Now don’t get me wrong, MONEY and I have an understanding. I don’t WORSHIP or LOVE it. We are happy to go our separate ways for the right reason BUT this is kidnapping because by the time I look around MONEY IS GONE.


I have been blessed with a great job & benefits.

I make enough money (although I am always looking for ways to build my financial portfolio).

I HEMORRHAGE money! (That’s what I say when money comes in and goes OUT faster than I can monitor).

THE TRUTH: Building wealth means BUILDING DISCIPLINE!!! I’m going to TREAT MYSELF to a large financial portfolio instead of the 3rd dinner out this week.

I’ll skip it today so that tomorrow I can afford to NEVER check the price on anything ever again (ALTHOUGH I WILL because wealthy people do).